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Paul Barsky, Founder and Executive Director of Wisdom Directions, has over thirty years experience as a teacher and administrator in independent schools in New York City, San Diego, and Los Angeles. Having taught World Religions for fifteen years and supported by advanced degrees in education and theology, Paul saw the lack of unbiased religious and spiritual understanding in our communities.

Having taught world religions courses using experiential techniques while fostering critical thinking skills, Paul and his team bring the wisdom of the teachings to you and your community. Drawing on an academic and deep understanding of the faith experience, Wisdom Directions looks forward to diving into the space of joyful spiritual and religious inquiry with you.


We work with you and your community to learn about and be inspired by the wisdom of the worlds’ religions. Many see organized religion through a mixed-lens. At best, it provides comfort and support, and, at its worst, is also guilty of tremendous harm and degradation.

At Wisdom Directions, we reinvigorate the examination and use of the world faith traditions with you and your community through a customized approach.

For individuals and families, we work with you to construct your own spiritual inquiry or journey. In our fragmented and over scheduled world, we have lost a sense of deeper awareness, meaning, and connection. The personalized non-dogmatic study of the wisdom of world religions creates a more informed and balanced individual. We go beyond the specifics of faith traditions and lift up the wisdom they offer in a spirit of joyful study and reflection. This study will help parents raise open-minded and well-informed children.

For  schools, we construct learning about religious systems to support your diversity and inclusion work. Religious bias predates race and socio-economic discrimination and, therefore, must be lifted up and examined. We, also, help you design curriculum around the study of religions to create a well-informed and culturally literate student body. It is impossible to understand the religious references in the arts, literature, and history without a strong grasp of the religions themselves. Your students will face belief systems different from their own; therefore, it is imperative for their success they have a solid understanding of these religions.

We encourage you to browse this website to see how Wisdom Directions can work for you.

"For the outer sense alone perceives visible things, and the eye of the heart alone the invisible."
― Richard of Saint-Victor
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