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We will customize to meet you and your family’s needs. Below is a sampling of services provided:

For individuals:

  • Learn about a variety of religions in an academic and inspirational manner.

  • Learn how to use guidance from traditions to lessen stress and lead a more balanced life.

  • Become familiar with different meditation and awareness techniques to help lead a richer life filled with equanimity, compassion, and wisdom.

  • By studying teachings, learn how to find greater meaning in your life.

  • Use the teachings to help navigate all that life throws at us in really hard and unexpected ways.

  • Use the faith traditions to promote a more inspired and awe-filled life.

For families:

  • Raise kids to be well-informed and open-minded in this increasingly diverse world.

  • Take ownership of your child’s spiritual journey introduction. If you don’t others, others might.

  • Learn to speak knowledgeably and comfortably with your children about beliefs including your own.

  • Introduce your children to techniques to help them manage anxiety and have a surer footing in this world.

  • Learn yoga and meditation and the history and the context of each.

  • Help your children find their own spiritual path based on inquiry, skepticism, and joy.

  • Learn how to have exciting spiritual discussions with your children.

  • Learn to add another layer of richness and exploration to your child’s upbringing.

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“Prayer is where I go to turn off the noise of life. It is there that I connect to the One who has made me and reminds me what is true, right, and expected of me in life.”
― Rabbi Rachel Isaacs
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