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We will customize to meet your school’s needs, and we provide a variety of services including:

  • Being literate in the study of world religions is critical in order to be a well-informed student. A student cannot completely understand literary references, art, and the causes of so many wars without an understanding of the worlds’ religions. We help your school generate a world religions unit or curriculum that creates a more inclusive and diverse learning environment and provides another opportunity to develop critical thinking in your students.

  • Complementing your school’s ongoing diversity and cultural competency programming. We provide inclusivity training around one of the oldest forms of discrimination- religious bias. Learning includes how religion has been used to discriminate, maintain power structures, and learn how faith traditions have been used to liberate and lead to greater social equity.

  • Teaching children, staff, and parents contemplative practices (e.g. meditation, mindfulness, journaling,) for greater peace of mind and joy. We offer individual sessions and create half-day retreats.

Please contact us to see how we can help your school and students put their best selves forward.

“Paul Barsky is a relationship focused educator who uses his broad knowledge of culture, world religions, and human nature to create, sustain and inspire compassionate communities. Paul seamlessly engages a variety of faith and cultural traditions to pursue an archetypal understanding of humanity. Wisdom Direction and Paul Barsky can help bring kindness, understanding, empathy, and compassion to your organization.”

― Dan Lang, Head of Middle School Francis Parker School
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