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  • So, you work with individuals and families?"
    Exactly! We can help guide you on your own path of understanding of the wisdom of faith traditions. We will help you to lead a more informed and inspired life. We curate individual learning experiences of the world religions and can do so in an academic and/or spiritual format. We also work with families to help them navigate the inevitable questions that kids have around religion (e.g. Who is God? Why is there suffering? What happens after we die? How can I see God? Suppose I don’t believe in God? Is my religion different from my friends’?). Remember, just because you may not be talking about it, does not mean that other kids and families are not also. We give you the tools to confidently have these discussions or else your children will have them with others.
  • How do you work with schools?
    We have different plans for schools. For example, we can enrich your Diversity & Inclusion professional development work by discussing how religion has created the framework for institutional bias and discrimination. We also explore how religion has been seen as a liberating force for the oppressed. We also examine how religious literacy is critical to be a well-informed student. A student cannot completely understand literary references, art, and the causes of so many wars without an understanding of the worlds’ religions. We can, also, help schools’ teachers generate a world religions curriculum that helps create a more inclusive learning environment and provides another opportunity to develop critical thinking in your students.
  • Does it matter if we are religious or not?
    Nope. The goal is not to indoctrinate; it is to educate. It is to show in an academic and experiential way the foundation and power of these faith traditions. This can simply be an intellectually stimulating course of study and/or a more spiritual inquiry.
  • Do you teach meditation?
    Sure do. We can teach meditation and contemplative practices from several faiths to you and all members of your family, including young children. We also place these practices within the context of the religion and show you how you can use them to meet your needs (e.g. stress relief, grounding and opening).
  • We are a mixed religious household, how can Wisdom Directions help me?"
    We provide templates for how you to have amazing conversations with your children to help them critically think about their own beliefs.
  • What tools do you use?
    We use religious texts, movie clips, art, and music to foster and encourage discussion and inquiry. Where appropriate we can also introduce reflective and contemplative practices from different faith traditions.
  • What age group do you work with?
    Because a well-informed and educated individual grows at all ages, we can customize your experience to meet the needs of all ages of your family, from your young children to those grandparents of a venerable age.
  • We don’t live in Los Angeles? Is that a problem?
    Of course, not. Knowledge transcends location. The past eighteen months have opened up the ability to run courses and programs through Zoom and the like. We can meet with you directly, on Zoom, or send you your own learning curriculum.
  • I am curious. How can I see if Wisdom Directions might work for me?
    Just go to the Contact Us section and send a note. We will contact you within 48 hours for a free consultation.
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