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We will customize our program to meet your firm’s needs, and provide a variety of services including:

  • Complementing your firm’s ongoing diversity and cultural competency programming.

  • Helping your staff raise culturally aware and ethical children through curated experiences including text, art, music, and poetry inspired by spirituality and religions.

  • Curating individual experiences of spiritual and/or religious studies for your staff and their children.

  • Teaching meditation and contemplative practices.

  • Creating multi-day workshops on particular spiritual themes such as: embracing a sense of awe, experiencing contemplative and reflective practices, eflecting upon the meaning of joy and suffering.

  • Organizing a community spiritual experience through lively social events (e.g. book club, dinner, or movie night) around a particular theme of religion.

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“Paul is an engaging and responsive presenter. His content sparked meaningful conversation and learning and we are better prepared interfaith chaplains as a result. We want him back."

― Rev. Glory Neail Bautista, BCC, Methodist Hospital of Southern California
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